Currently the direction of my work has focused on exploring ways to make drawing three dimensional. The conceptual goal is to complicate the traditional expectations of how drawings are viewed.  Rather than simply presenting pictorial narratives displayed on the wall, my work aims to immerse, confront, and potentially implicate the audience.  Incongruent compositions of cascading drawings are interconnected to extravagantly layered paper figures. The process intensionally borrows the repetitious hand built tones of craft.  However with in the context of my work this method is intended to highlight the inherent perceived value of accumulation.  It becomes apparent that sculptural form and depth are the result of a long excessive process of accumulation. Unlike craft the result of the process will not yield structurally functioning object.  The combined activities of collecting, cutting, and drawing all server as a vehicle for a wide variety of topics and ideas. In a similar fashion, the act of stacking a collection of drawings negates the normal pictorial expectations. A cascade of drawings with faces, characters, vehicles, and insects, serve dual purpose of representing pictorial space and inhabiting space.